Check all that apply:

  1.  You have done mantra work, voodoo work, traditional therapy, hypnotherapy, electrotherapy, stood on your head and barked like a whale, and tried the newest-trend-therapy with little to no results. I want to make a few things clear–I have a tremendous amount of respect for other therapies, but they aren’t always productive, they don’t always get to the root of it, they are sometimes cookie-cutter, they sometimes turn you AGAINST your family (counterflow) and sometimes they aren’t a right fit.  That being said, it is possible we aren’t a right fit either…
  2. You attract the SAME TYPE of dude/chick over and over again..(the playa, the married one, the softie (but too soft), the one who lives in another country, the psycho hose beast (Wayne’s World reference…bonus points if you knew that..it is my favorite movie) and hot-n’-heavy-yet-quick-to-fizzle type.  You know, nothing that you would bring home to mom and make babies with…btw, before FCT, I was pretty psycho with relationships..I always ran away and I didn’t trust anybody to take care of me…now I am very mildly psycho…pretty much in the normal over-emotional female range, and have a wonderful and loving relationship.  
  3. OR maybe you can’t attract anyone at all…and that doesn’t really work with your plan because you already picked out your wedding venue/flowers/cake/attire/wedding party… btw, BUBBLE BURSTING, BUT KICK IN ASS ALERT: I know you are freaking AWESOME, but this NOT why you are still single.  If you and your friends still like to blame it on that and how intimidating you are…bitch slap them and yourself!  Dudes and chicks LOVE awesome partners…it is something else!
  4. You have a roller coaster pattern with money (make a lot, lose or spend a lot) or perhaps make none at all (sorry folks, my prices are pretty reasonable, so you must make at least some to work with me–healing is an investment).  Been there.  Money issues are deep and definitely family-related.
  5. You restrict your diet, are on the ‘newest diet trend’, you binge, you binge and purge, you over-exercise, you cannot seem to get your buns off the couch…you name it, I get it.  I suffered a debilitating eating disorder (bulimia) for 15 years–I can relate and help.  
  6. You have a pesky health condition that holds you back and doesn’t seem to be backing down (fertility, autoimmune, mental illness, skin,hair, eyes, bone, asthma, sex drive, you name it–I’ve worked with everything…including cancer and other debilitating diseases).  Doctors might even call is ‘phantom’ and offer no explanation other than ‘you’re crazy’ with might be true, but not for this.  While I work with illness frequently, I offer no claims of ‘healing’ although I have seen it happen plenty…I don’t take credit for it though.  I facilitate a more complete vessel and soul that you become, so together, with you, your body, your family lineage and whatever treatment you are receiving, your body is much more capable of healing.  
  7. You have a grand life plan–filled with rainbows, butterflies, vacations, chubby lil’ babies and golden retrievers (why not opt for a rescue dog–mutts are adorable and you can save a life), white picket fences (or a swanky loft for the New Yorkers), hot & passionate sex, perfect weather year round, financial freedom, schedule freedom, fulfillment in every way–Sound great? Sound far-fetched? Sound unattainable? If your current life looks shockingly different from your dream life, it is time for an intervention.  If not now, when? Life is short.  Create and live the life that will make God and your lineage do a happy dance and say ‘you do girl/boy’!
  8. You are a hoarder, tweaker, dealer, alcoholic  or have some other issue you wish to work on.
  9. You do not have good relationships with spouse, family, friends, co-workers, pets (that’s pretty serious), etc.
  10. You have children, or a baby on the way (or are afraid of having babies) and want to clean up some patterns first so that they won’t have to!  Bravo! You can change the course of your lineage forever!  What a monumental gift for them!
  11. You are just more curious about this work and what it can do for you
  12. You are curious about my life (Ok nosey pants, sign up for a session or my newsletter already)!

Good news my friend!  No wrong answer on this quiz!  If you checked any or all of the above, it is time for some FCT Ninja work.  I say ninja, because it is efficient and incredibly healing.  If you identified with 5 or more of the above, your family dynamics are running your life…not you!  Time for some healing, STAT!

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