I am thrilled at the potential to work with you. My goal is to empower you and to help you find your own inner Guru (Gee, yoU aRe yoU). I don’t create problems for you to work on. I recognize you are already whole, and we work together to make you the best version of yourself. That being said, I will do one-off sessions, and we get a TON accomplished in one session (sometimes it’s all we need) but I recommend packages, so more magic can happen. I hear all the time, “Holy sh*t, that was like 10 years of therapy wrapped in one session. Other times, a session keeps moving and the unraveling continues…in which case, a package is beneficial and helpful so that we can dig a little deeper, at a safe pace, together with source. Each session will combine elements of talking, Family Constellation Therapy, Coaching, bodywork, etc. and is uniquely different, just like you.   All sessions (except for groups) are done via phone and the energy works just as well! In addition to the sessions below, I also sell 5-packs and 10-packs. We can work with health, addiction, finances, career, relationships, you name it!

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  • Initial Session: 2 hours $275
  • Follow Up Session: 1.5 hours: $225
  • Follow Up Session: 1 hour:  $175
  • Reiki Session: 1 hr: $175  By the end, you will feel like we hit the refresh button. Walk out feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and centered.
  • Couples/Family: When I work with couples, I do a 3-session minimum: 2 hours with each partner, and then 2 hours with the couple. In this work, 70-90% of the issues that couples deal with are actually systemic and originate from past unresolved dynamics within the family of origin? Often times after this work, the couple can move forward with a fresh and new perspective and the relationship has new hope.
  • Couples/Family Follow Up: same as above


I hold group sessions about every month. Please check here for the latest group. Additionally, I hold specific topic-focused workshops, programs & trainings and retreats to meet all economical needs!


Sessions are held Monday-Friday with occasional weekends (pre-arranged), via phone.  Groups are held in person.  More about those on my Workshops page.  Payment is due prior to session via paypal, venmo, or at the time of the session, paid in cash or check. I make every effort to keep my prices reasonable so that this priceless work is affordable to everyone. If you truly do not have the means to pay for a session, please let me know. All sessions are currently done by phone, except for group sessions.  If you insist on an in-person session, I hold office hours about 2 days a month.  The best way to find out what days those are is to sign up for my newsletter or email me (the days change).

To schedule an appointment, email and indicate days and times that work for you! I will try my best to accommodate your schedule!   I look forward to working with you!