Meggan Watterson
Author, Speaker, Spiritual Firebrand

I have not experienced deeper healing

Old energetic patterns are about as easy to see as the center of your own back. Smile. It’s so crucial to have someone who can mirror back to you those patterns that are catching you up in the same old same old when you are really ready to break free from the past. Natalie Berthold provides a sacred reflection for you to finally truly see what has been keeping you “stuck” or “trapped.” I have not experienced deeper healing. She provides an invaluable and rare service of helping you see what you can’t see on your own. My work with Natalie has drastically increased the quality of my life. I could not recommend her services more!

Sarah Jenks
Founder of “Live More, Weigh Less”

wise beyond her years

I started working with Natalie the year I launched my coaching practice. I woke up terrified every day that I was going to fail. I had heard that Natalie’s practices were a little outside the box, but I would try anything at that point to just feel calm again. Through reiki, tapping, talking, channeling, family constellations and a ton of other cool shit, my fears and anxiety completely disappeared. Natalie is wise beyond her years and has an intuitive sense on how to heal you that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Because of Natalie, I now embody a sense of freedom, trust and relaxation that allows me to excel in my career, relationship and creative endeavors.

Macha Einbender
Inspirational Healer, Coach, Speaker

a soul-awakening experience

The sessions I have had with Natalie have been a soul awakening experience. She is a true Angel and a powerful facilitator. Her intuition and compassion is beyond anything I have yet experienced in my entire life. My lineage is grateful for her healing and my children have received such a gift. Natalie is a miracle. Feel free to reach out to me and I will share my experience.

Ali Leipzig
Body Confidence Coach, Soul Camp Co-Founder

natalie’s work is life-changing

In my first session with Natalie, I quickly realized that the work we were going to do together was going to be life-altering. Natalie’s loving and caring nature, her sense of humor, and her ability to pinpoint exactly where you are out of alignment make her the extremely gifted healer that she is. When Natalie first explained Family Constellations to me, I was totally freaked out by the concept. Even though it was unlike anything I had done before, being the curious spiritual seeker that I am, I wanted to see what it was all about. All I have to say is this: if you are on the path to understanding yourself, your family, the Universe, and you are craving to go deeper, this work is for you. Because of participating in Natalie’s groups for about a year now, I have mended my relationship with my mother, I feel deeply connected to my femininity, and I am able to share my voice more authentically and honestly. I want to do great work in the world and I now feel free of many of the chains that I felt were holding me back. If you have any curiosity about her work, try it out. it’s life-changing and I don’t use that term lightly. Natalie is a game changer, watch out world!

Nitika Chopra
Founding Editor-in-Chief

unlike anything i’ve ever experienced

Natalie Berthold brings the phrase “touched by an Angel” to life. When I first started working with her, I have to admit I was slightly nervous because I didn’t fully understand how the process worked. However my nerves disappeared within 5 minutes of a session with Natalie. She has helped me heal some of the biggest blocks I have had in my life, things I have dealt with for over 2 decades, and she does it all with tremendous wisdom, grace and love.Her work with Family constellation therapy has honestly changed my life. Growing up with a severe health condition I have tried a LOT of different therapies and healing outlets but my work with FCT facilitated by the incredible Natalie Berthold is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have healed deep wounds with emotional eating, finally let go of a divorce that I was holding on to for six years and countless other deeply routed wounds. I have tremendous gratitude for this work and for the divine Natalie Berthold.

Kelsea Brennan
Life Coach

life is enormously better

Natalie is without a doubt one of the most beloved women I know. Her abundance of knowledge ranging from family dynamics to spirituality makes her one of the most unique and powerful healers I have ever worked with. I have had many sessions with Natalie, all of them no more or less powerful then the other. She has helped me in ways beyond which I could describe. My life is enormously better having her in it. I know I will always leave a session or a call with her feeling better. She has possibly the most calming and grounding energy of anyone I know. She was a blessing the day I met her and has been one ever since.

Tara L. Cole
Holistic Health Coach

10 years of therapy in one session

JUST GO SEE HER! Natalie Berthold is amazing. I have worked with her individually and I HIGHLY recommend her. Her method of therapy is unique and very powerful. I like to say its like 10 years of sit down therapy in one session. All of my sessions with her have literally changed my life. My relationships have improved greatly and the really deep issues are addressed. She is a calm and powerful person that has such a gift of healing. Make an appointment with her, you won’t regret it.