I grew up all over the United States, thanks to a dad that is a genius and was working for race car teams as an engineer all over the U.S. of A. This lifestyle made me super adaptable, fall in love with the need for speed, and helped me to pick up some things along the way. I finally feel settled in Brooklyn, NYC, living with my two adorable rescue pups, Argos and Athena. Some might say I’m the borderline psycho dog lady owner but hey, they make me happy, and hopefully, I make them happy. They are the most precious things to me and when I’m not working, I’m often hiking with them or at the dog park. I spend quite a lot of time with my friends too…we are quite the insetious bunch…weird family dynamics seem to follow me everywhere :)

Life wasn’t always easy for me though. I had a 15-year eating disorder from the age of 12-27. The bulimia was extremely debilitating and nearly took my life on many levels…I wasn’t
living and I was very suicidal. Very long story short, a series of spiritual experiences and divine interventions kept me alive, and led me to NYC where I passionately taught for many years. While teaching in Argentina, I had my first experience with Family Constellation work. In one session, I got it. I understood it. I had finally gotten to the root of it. I just felt more whole and complete…and I never binged and purged again. I let it go (cue that song from Frozen). I knew this was my life path and I love helping free others from whatever constraints they are suffering from, whether it is another form of addiction, a health issue, depression, relationship woes, biz and finance issues, you name it! And so, my friend, I am so indebted to this work because it saved my life. I am fiercely dedicated to helping others in the same way.

I have to admit that on the flip side, I love some minor distractions, including the Kardashians (I will work with their family someday…and lawd knows they need it), Millionaire Matchmaker, and the Bachelor (who doesn’t love a good love story of wolves).

Wanna know more? For a more thorough biography about me, my life, my experience, training and expertise, click here.

All and all, Life is good, and it just keeps getting better as I realize I’m in control now of co-creating my life!